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A Gibeon Meteorite Ring For Every Man

With a Gibeon meteorite material and durable finish, the meteorite rings fit perfectly on your finger.

Widmanstätten Pattern

The manufacturers of the meteorite bands use iron meteorites to produce the meteorite men’s wedding rings in our store. Whether you want engagement rings or you want to tie the nuptial knot properly, we have a ring for you. The producers of the meteorite band products in our store use stable Gibeon meteorites etched with the famous Widmanstätten Pattern to manufacture the rings.

These Gibeon meteorites formed as a comet outside the world and fell into the earth million years ago from space. The Widmanstätten pattern on our meteorite jewelry makes the Gibeon meteorite wedding band unique and stands out from other types of rings. Looking closely at our bands, you will see the nickel iron crystals in the bands.

Customized Engravings/Gem Inscriptions

On special request, we provide Gibeon meteorite inlay inscriptions. We can etch inlaid engravings on the meteorite band before shipping. Contact us if you want customizable engravings on your meteorite wedding band; we offer this service ONLY on request.

Original Meteorite Rings

Every Gibeon meteorite wedding band in our store is original; crafted from rare meteorites that fell directly from outer space. Meteorite – the unique materials for making meteorite men’s wedding bands makes the ring unique and classic.

Rings Made To Last

Meteorite wedding bands are becoming more popular than white gold or rose gold and silver wedding rings due to their strength and durability. Gibeon meteorite bands last longer and can withstand rough use.

Varieties of Designs

Gibeon meteorite bands do not come in only one design or style – there are different styles and designs you would love. Each of our meteorite wedding rings has a unique finish that makes the rings look appealing and beautiful when put on the finger.

These bands are ideal for men who want to add class to their outfits on their big day. We have an avalanche of meteorite band designs and styles. Whether you want a plain meteorite band or a meteorite band with engraving, protective layer, and inlays, there’s a ring for you.


A crucial factor to consider while shopping for bands is the sizing. You wouldn’t want to wear a ring that does not fit your finger properly on your wedding day. We guarantee that all our meteorite rings are the correct measurements. If you don’t know the ring size that will fit your finger, explain in detail when you contact us.

We do not resize meteorite men’s wedding bands, and we don’t swap. We suggest you check your ring size before placing an order for a meteorite ring.

Meteorite Wedding Bands Test

To test if your meteorite band is original, bring a magnet closer to the ring. The meteorite ring is original if there is a magnetic force attracting the meteorite ring to the magnet. Meteorite rings contain nickel and iron – so they will be magnetic when in close contact.

An original meteorite ring should also have a unique Widmanstatten pattern on the surface. The Widmanstätten pattern comes naturally from the meteorite’s structure.

Why Buy From Us?

There are a lot of reasons why you should purchase your meteorite wedding rings from us. Here are a few of them:

Wedding band material integration

We sell one of the best bands you can find. Some materials – including titanium, platinum, dinosaur bone, and tungsten, are integrated into some of our men’s marriage rings, making them more sturdy to use.


We do not compromise on quality, we sell one of a kind meteorite men’s wedding band. We source our rings from a reputable manufacturer who deals on only genuine meteorite bands.


We specialize in selling men’s wedding rings. We are constantly looking for other materials we can add to our meteorite bands to make them more classy and appealing to our customers. Skilled jewelers who know how to combine metals and meteorites to get a fascinating wedding ring craft all the meteorite bands we sell.

Shipping Options

There’s more than one shipping options you can choose from when you buy a muonionalusta meteorite wedding band from us. Proceed to make a purchase to see these available shipping options.


The producers of the men’s wedding rings we sell are skilled, with years of experience as jewelers manufacturing meteorite bands for men’s use. We’ve also been in the business of selling men’s wedding rings for the past decade. We only have classic meteorite men’s wedding ring that has the Widmanstatten pattern.

Outstanding Service

While we sell quality meteorite bands, we also provide outstanding customer care service to our customers. We have an email and mobile number in case you want to reach out to us. Get in touch with us to know more about our customizable engravings or any of our authentic Gibeon meteorite bands.

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