Does Rust Affect Meteorite Jewelry?

The iron concentration in meteorites is very high. And as it’s known, iron does rust. So, yes, rust does affect jewelry pieces made from meteorites because of this.

Even though rusting might not happen right away, most meteorite jewelry eventually succumbs to corrosion and rust over time. So, you must give your piece of meteorite jewelry special care and maintenance if you want to keep it from rusting.

Continue reading to learn more about rusting in meteorites and how to prevent it.

Rusting In Meteorites

A meteorite is an extraordinary, durable but relatively not-so-popular jewelry-making material. 

The fact that it’s not as popular as other jewelry materials like gold and silver can trigger many questions and worries regarding how it will alter over time. 

As earlier answered, rust can develop on meteorites because they contain iron and nickel. 

For meteorites, rust is almost inevitable; but you should not worry much about this, because there are different means of maintaining and reducing the chance of your jewelry getting rusted.

In some very rare instances, your piece of meteorite jewelry may not experience rust at all, even after many years. 

But in circumstances where your ring is rusting, there are various methods to protect them from things that can trigger them to become rust such as oxygen and water.  

In the next section of this article, we’ll discuss the different ways of preventing your meteorite jewelry from rusting!

How To Prevent Rust From Meteorites Jewelry 

Preventing your ring from rust is possible if you constantly maintain it. You can do this by applying a small amount of oil to the ring’s surface to serve as a means to actively prevent the iron parts from rusting. 

You can also dip an old toothbrush in a CLR cleanser that can be used to scrub the rust off the meteorite piece if it should happen to have started rusting. 

As the piece gets older, the patterns on the meteorite’s surface occasionally start to disappear. When this occurs, you can get the piece of meteorite jewelry carved once again.

Other means of preventing rust from meteorites are stated below;

  • Storing in a dry place
  • Meteorite repair
  • Avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals.
  • Float your Jewelry
  • Avoid water and moisture.
  1. Storing in a dry place

Keep in mind that there is moisture in the air wherever you are. If your meteorite pieces come in contact with chloride (salt) or experience temperature changes, they are especially likely to absorb that moisture which can result in rust.

A meteorite can be easily damaged by elements like water and salt when exposed to them. Do the following to safeguard your meteorites:

  • Keep your meteorites in dry air.
  • Keep the temperature of your meteors steady.
  • To protect your jewelry, use suitable clean and coating materials.
  • Never put a plastic bag over a meteorite to seal it.
  1. Meteorite repair

It is expected that some pieces of meteorite jewelry will rust or suffer damage. Most of the time, these damages can be fixed, and future damages can be avoided or slowed. 

Rust and chloride can both cause damage to most of these meteorites. Chloride is the illness, whereas rust is its symptom. Both must be taken away.

Removing rust: Often, rust can be removed using a steel wire brush and some elbow grease. When washing, use anhydrous or (95%) alcohol. 

An alternative is to employ a rust remover made of petroleum distillate. You can also phosphoric acid on etched surfaces or bare metal surfaces with many fractures. 

A small amount of rust can be removed from an etched surface using phosphorus and a toothbrush without doing much harm or requiring further etching. 

Ensure to thoroughly rinse everything off with alcohol or distilled water after using the acid. Etched irons will require new polishing and etched 

  1. Avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals

Avoid exposing your meteorite rings or necklaces to harsh chemicals, like moisturizer, bleach, soap, or other chemicals; they can make them react, fade, and be discolored. 

Your meteorite jewelry can come into contact with alcohol only when you clean it for a specified period. 

Also, when wearing your meteorite piece, take gentle care and pay attention to your activities. 

Your meteorite jewelry can retain its worth and quality if you wear it sensibly. It is not advisable to coat your jewelry with a thick layer to protect it if you are thinking of doing so.

  1. Float Your Jewelry

Once you have all the necessary supplies, fill the container with rubbing alcohol and submerge your meteorite piece inside. 

This procedure will dry the wetness on the jewelry’s surface. Take this action only if your pieces are made entirely of meteorites. 

If your jewelry is made of something other than a meteorite, add some rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth and use it to wipe the surface gently. This procedure is an alternative method for cleaning meteorites while preserving their quality.

Say your ring or necklace is made entirely of meteorites. After letting it soak in the alcohol for 10 minutes, you should remove it and place it on top of a soft cloth. 

There is no need to rub because, when laid at rest in the soft fabric, the alcohol on the surface of your meteorite piece will dry completely and quickly.

  1. Avoid water and moisture

Keep your meteorite jewelry from moisture, and, more importantly, don’t expose them to water for an extended period. 

Never engage in an activity that will wet your hands while wearing your ring for instance. Leave your jewelry at home when working out or doing other activities that will cause you to sweat. 

If you are about to apply lotions or cologne or wash your hands with water or soap, make sure your meteorite ring, bracelet, or necklace is off. Always ensure they are dry in your jewelry box or on the part of your body you don them.


Meteorite jewelry is the best pick for those that want something unique and rare. All you need to do is be mindful whenever you are putting on one to prevent it from rusting. 

Every piece of jewelry looks better and new when given the necessary maintenance irrespective of what it is made from. Ensure to give your meteorite jewelry the required care to preserve its quality over time.

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