Ring care tips for ring lovers

Lovers of rings, get in here! Here’s some information to help you keep your favorite ring designs for a very long time.

Rings are part of the most popular jewelry worn by humans, either as a wedding band or for fashion, or even for religious reasons.

Most times, there are memories and significance attached to rings. If it’s a wedding band, for instance, the ring will always remind you of your spouse.

Due to the importance and financial value of your rings, it will be a painful thing to part ways with them too early. 

Sure you’ll want to do everything possible to make your favorite ring last long. We’ve put together some caring tips for you. The tips are based on popular ring materials. Read on…

Care tips for Diamond Rings

With all the glitter and classy look a diamond ring gives you, it’s best to care for it adequately to continue feeling excited when it’s on your finger. Here are the tips to help you properly care for the diamond rings. 

  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures changes: 

Diamonds last forever. However, when it’s exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, there may be a crack on its surface. To be on the safe side, it’s better to remove and keep your diamond ring safe when you’re going to a place with harsh weather.

  • Regularly clean the ring: 

Grease, grit, and grimes can affect the shining feature of your diamond ring. Therefore, you need to clean them regularly either by giving them to a professional or doing the task yourself. 

One effective way to clean the ring is by soaking it in a mix of warm water and liquid soap for a while. With a toothbrush, gently scrub the stone for about a minute to clean off the particles on its surface. 

  • Clean with a dry cloth: 

After washing the ring, you need to allow it to dry before keeping it in the safe. If you’re in a hurry to do this, a soft cotton cloth is the best way to leave your ring unscathed. 

On the other hand, you can leave it for a few minutes to let the air dry naturally. As for paper towels, the surface is too hard for the rings and it may leave some obvious scratches.  

  • Store in a cloth-lined box: 

After you’re done with your daily activities, it’s the best practice to store the rings in a cloth-lined box. This helps you avoid mistakenly damaging the ring as you engage in household chores. 

For example, cooking with the ring on may attract some oil to its surface and this can be overwhelming to clean off. Also, it keeps the ring safe from any form of loss. 

  • Once-a-year routine: 

It’s also good to see a professional jeweler once a year for a thorough inspection. Sometimes, there may be hidden areas where special attention is needed on the ring unknown to you. 

Care tips for Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are beautiful and are amongst the most durable ring types. In this section, you’ll learn about the best ways to care for your titanium jewelry. 

  • Remove the ring before any rigorous activity: 

Although titanium rings are very strong and durable, some scratches may occur on them over time. A good practice you should imbibe is removing the rings before any rigorous activity. For example, avoid hits, and bumps in an activity while the ring is on. 

  • Remove before exposure to water:

This isn’t so important when your ring is pure titanium. However, if your ring is mixed with other metals like platinum, then it’s better to avoid or limit exposure to water. 

This is because the presence of chlorine in the water may damage the ring. 

  • Consider your ring type before ultrasonic cleaning: 

If your titanium ring has gemstones, you need to be careful during ultrasonic cleaning. This is because many ultrasonic cleaners damage the gemstones on titanium rings.  

  • Do not soak titanium gemstone jewelry in water:

Water will damage the gemstone, especially opals or pearls, and your titanium jewelry. So, avoid soaking in water when cleaning. Instead, wipe gently with a soft damp cloth to get the first off the surface. 

Care tips for Gold Rings

Gold rings are classic and still in vogue to date. They are also very durable. However, you need to maintain them to ensure they last long. 

  • Avoid chlorine completely: 

Chlorine damages gold jewelry, avoid it. Chlorine damages its structure and eventually causes it to break. 

So when getting into a swimming pool or going for a spa date, keep your rings safe in their box. 

  • Use rubber gloves when cleaning:

Different chemicals are used in producing cleaning agents including abrasives and others. If you don’t want to remove your rings to avoid some slacks, then put on a rubber glove. This helps the ring avoid getting exposed to chemicals. 

  • Remove the ring before bathing: 

While bathing with your gold ring isn’t harmful, it’s best to remove them before bathing. This is because the buildup of soap can form a film on the surface and reduce its shine. 

  • Clean your rings regularly: 

Gold rings are very easy to clean and cleaning should be done regularly. To clean your ring, soak it in a mix of warm water and mild detergent for about 2-3 hours. After this time, brush gently and wipe dry with a soft cloth. 

Care tips for Meteorites

Meteorite jewelry is one of the rarest kinds on earth because they’re made from meteor rocks. These are broken rocks from outer space and today, are used for different jewelry. Here’s how to care for these rings. 

  • Do not expose to water for a long time: 

Meteorites have a high amount of iron, so exposure to water could easily lead to the appearance of rust on its surface. 

While some activities may be spontaneous, remember to remove your ring before swimming or washing the dishes. 

  • Do not expose to moisture or acidic content: 

Just like water, moisture and acidic exposure may affect your rings. If you’re working in a lab or somewhere chemicals are often used, then removing your rings before working is greatly advised. 

  • Store in an air-tight container:

Another way to help your meteorite piece last longer is by keeping it in an air-tight container where there is zero moisture. Remember moisture affects the ring, so it’s better to keep them away from it. 

  • Reduce the oil level on the ring finger: 

Daily exposure to oil on the skin and finger brings some discoloration on rings made from meteorites. So, you have to reduce the quantity applied, and always keep your skin moisturized minimally. 

In Conclusion

Wearing a beautiful ring definitely adds to your beauty. But when they’re looking dirty or full of grease, it reduces their durability and leaves a negative impression about you on strangers. 

So, properly maintain your rings using the given tips and they’ll surely last for a lifetime.

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