Tips on Choosing the Right Ring That Suits Your Personality

Being here shows that you are one of those people who have attention to detail when it comes to what they wear.

Just like you can select clothes that reflect your personality, you can do the same for your jewelry.  

When we talk about rings, in particular, there are so many of them with different designs, layouts, and compositions. And each of these types of rings will suit one personality better than the other.

Hence, before selecting a ring, you would want to be sure it fits your unique style and characteristics.

In this article, you will be exposed to some tips that you should be on the lookout for when choosing a ring that suits your personality. You will also learn the various personality types and what type of ring fits each of them.

Personality Types and Most Suitable Rings for Each

Every individual has unique characteristics, style of life, and composition. All of these work together to form each one’s personality. 

That’s why there are numerous distinct personalities. And there is always a type of personality that everyone fits into.

Your personality influences how you talk, your favorite color, what you dislike, and many more.

Talking about rings, your personality also has an important say on the ring that will suit you. Now, let’s look at various personality types and the kind of ring that suits you.

  • Artistic

Artistic personalities are known for their creative nature. What simply makes them happy is the unique substance or material that they can create. 

They simply see things differently and they see beauty in everything just beyond what other personalities will see. 

As an artistic individual, you will want to choose something more unique, creative, and stylish. 

The ring you choose doesn’t have to be ambiguous but one that stands out. That is a one-of-a-kind ring and one that speaks a particular language to you.

You could talk to your jeweler to personally create for you what you have envisioned. All of these are to reflect on your nature and you are going to love this.

  • Active 

Active personalities are usually on the go to get several activities done. This could be a result of the type of job they do or who they just are. Many people fall into this category. 

As an active personality, you’ll make use of your hands often – for work, chores, and so on. Hence, you will have to choose a ring that won’t make you uncomfortable expressing who you are.

For instance, if you have an active personality based on your occupation, let’s say you work as a teacher or a surgeon, it means that you will be carrying out one or two activities with your hand. 

Hence, the best will be to choose a ring that wouldn’t affect your activities or the ring itself.  

Different rings are always available for the active lifestyle individual. For instance, you might want to consider rings with a low-setting profile.

  • Tomboy

Tomboys are females with male personality build-up. As a tomboy, every one of these female fancy rings might not suit your nature, so you would want to consider something more interesting to you. 

A simple unique design will do the best. And also depending on your choice, you might simply go for a ring designed for men if you find your size from there. 

Men like black and white rings and you may also go for silver or gold.

  • Romantic

Romantic people love romance. That’s obvious, right? If you are the type that loves appearing romantic, there are rings that suit your personality.

Well, these kinds of rings are mostly suitable for females in this part of the world. 

If you want rings that portray a romantic character, you might want to consider a love inscription or a love-shaped stone. 

Also, you can get a design that will reflect beautiful parts like a flower. A more romantic color like rose gold will also fit in well here.

  • The Professional

Professionals, just like the active personality, are always on the go to sort so many work duties out. 

One major attribute of the professional is a perfect, serious, and careful nature. 

If you fall into this category, you will want to consider a simple, unique but highly sophisticated ring that will speak of your nature. 

A strong, perfectly curated ring will do the best for you. You might want to also consider a single diamond ring or any other ring that speaks of that strength and ability in you.

  • Highly Sociable

We all know what the highly sociable ones are. They are typically the category of people that love to be all over the place and they derive pleasure from being noticed in a social gathering. 

They are simply extroverts that like to associate with many people. A person classified as sociable in a social gathering, office, or party typically shows off, and just like they like flashy clothes, a unique but flashy and glowing ring will be most suitable for them. 

If you fall into this category, you will want to consider double metal bands or rings with beautiful gemstones.

  • The Traditionalist

We also have the traditionalist personality type and these are a set of people who are always ready to include that long-time value and culture they esteem in everything they do. 

Their values all appear in the way they dress and how they relate with other people. 

As a traditionalist, you will want to consider a ring with some sort of traditional symbolic inscription or gemstones. 

You would also want to consider a ring that might be a little unusual to other people. Well, it doesn’t matter if other people find it strange, so long it reflects your culture and values.

  • Independent thinker

If you are an individual that reasons over and over again before buying an item or you are always on the go to minimize your budget as much as you can, then you fall under this category. 

And what makes you a lot different from other personalities is that you only get what you want and not necessarily what others think is good for you to get. 

Since you are always careful with your budget and spending, you would want to go for a simple, moderately priced unique ring.

  • Trendy and Fashionista

Trendy and fashionistas’ personalities are known to stay up-to-date on fashion. They never want to miss out and this is definitely what defines their unique being.

What matters to this category of people is when the ring has been in vogue and which is the latest ring in town. 

Because of this nature, trends and fashion freaks are more likely to have several types of rings in their wardrobe. To help them choose the best, it is recommended that celebrities should always be checked out.

Look out for celebrities and the rings they wear, as they mostly wear what is trending too.

Tips to help you choose the Right Ring that Suits your Personality

While choosing the right ring for your personality, you would want to consider the tips below:

  • Know what you like

When you want to decide on the most suitable ring for your personality, the first thing you would want to consider is the things you like. 

When you put this in place, then it will be easier for you to wear the ring almost every time. 

Think about the jewelry you’ve once owned. What is it about the jewelry that you like and what made you choose it then? 

Meditate about the fashion aspect of the ring and how you want yours. If you prefer trendy kinds of stuff, then it will be best to choose something in vogue.

The more likeness you have for the ring to choose, the higher the chances that you’ll put it on every day, so take your time to know what you like.

  • Look at your type of lifestyle

The next tip will be to consider your lifestyle. You have to balance the type of lifestyle and your job nature when choosing the ring. 

While some work nature involves you constantly involved in handy activities, others do not. If you are a surgeon or a farm worker, then it will be best to choose a ring that is very strong and durable. 

If on the other hand, you are a counselor or psychologist or you work majorly as a mental health worker, getting a durable ring is also okay but you might also want to put in some other factor. 

Remember some ring materials are not resistant to so much water and chemicals, so choose one that will not be easily affected if your job involves water. 

And since you spend most of your day at work which translates to what your kind of lifestyle is, the best bet for you is to consider a ring that fits properly with your job and lifestyle.

  • Note the Shape of your hand

Your physical composition also constitutes your personality and you know most people’s fingers are always different even if they are related. 

You’ll want to consider the shape of your hand while getting a ring. While some individuals have long thin fingers, some are blessed with a short and chubby fingers and you could also find an averagely long one and many more. 

No matter what the shape is, there is always a ring that will suit the best to bring out the beauty of the ring. You should understand that if you don’t get this shape factor right, then a beautiful ring might look like an odd one when you put it on.

For ladies with short fingers, you might want to consider the pear or heart-shaped rings and for tall people, you can consider the round ones. A good way is also to talk to your jeweler before picking a ring.

  • You might want to consider a simple unique design

Trendy flashy rings are good but it could be better if you choose something more unique and simple. 

Many individuals are now appreciating this because you wouldn’t necessarily have to bother about staying in trend. That is, anytime you put on the ring, you will always be on point as they remain trending on themselves.  

While picking your simple ring, ensure it is preferable so you can always maintain the likeness that you have for them. You do not need something ambiguous, trendy or flashy but a uniquely simple design will do the magic.

  • Understand the color of the Ring

One other tip that will help will be the color. The first thing here will be to familiarize yourself with the different types of ring material colors and the second will be to choose one color that will suit your personality. 

There are several colors of rings today unlike in ancient times when it is all about gold. 

You could get silver, black, white, yellow, rose gold, yellowish gold, and several other different colors. 

Just like you have that favorite color for your dress, choosing a ring color out of many is necessary so ensure you consider this while choosing one.

While some women prefer silver and yellowish gold, some prefer rose gold. Men are known to appreciate the black and white ring. 

It doesn’t matter though, it all depends on the color that you feel will suit your personality.

  • Check out the best quality material that suits your personality

The last tip will be to check out the materials of your ring. No matter what type of personality you have. 

While you consider the factors that are discussed above, one important thing you will want to check is the quality of the ring material that you want to choose and this just applies to everybody. 

There are several good quality ring materials apart from diamond, gold, or platinum that you can choose from.

We have meteorites, tungsten, silver, and many more. Just ensure that you choose the best that will always fit your personality.


While choosing a ring, it is best to consider the personality type to which you belong. First is to understand various personality types, narrow them down to the one that fits you and choose the best. 

Know that you might fall into more than one of the categories discussed above but the tips outlined in the article will help you choose one that fits your personality the most.

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