What To Do When Your Finger Is Bigger Or Smaller Than Your Ring

It is nice having you around again. In this article, we will discuss things to do when your finger is bigger or smaller than your ring. 

The article also covers factors to consider before choosing a jeweler and how much it costs to resize a ring. Kindly pay attention while we dive into action. 

What you should do with a ring smaller or bigger than your finger

The things you should do when your finger is bigger or smaller than your ring include the following: 

  1. Exchange The Ring For Better One 

This is the first thing you should do if you discover your finger is bigger or smaller than the ring. 

Are you wondering if that’s even possible? Some stores allow you to return non-customized rings within 30 days of purchase if you provide the payment details and other required documents. 

Hence, you have a bright chance of exchanging the ring for a better and perfect one that fits your finger. 

However, not too many jewelry stores allow such things. So, you must know every jewelry store’s policy before purchasing their rings and other products. 

Meanwhile, try other options if the store doesn’t allow customers to exchange or return oversized rings. 

  1. Cut And Resize The Ring 

Resizing the ring should be your next option if you couldn’t convince the store owners.

Reducing The Ring Size 

The jeweler will cut the ring’s shank before reducing the band’s length. 

Having done that, the jeweler will solder the remaining ring band to produce your desired size. 

He will apply the required finishing touches so you can have a beautiful, compact, and fitted ring for your wedding or engagement. 

You need an expert jeweler to carry out all the above procedures unless you possess the expertise to deliver a great job. 

Increasing The Ring Size 

You can resize the ring to increase its size. Again, you must hire an experienced jeweler with all it takes to deliver quality service. 

The jeweler will cut the ring’s shank, add a short piece of metal to increase its size, and join them using the right instruments. 

He will complete the resizing tasks by applying the finishing touches so there won’t be obvious differences between the original band and the added metal. 

How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring? 

The cost of resizing rings depends on the following factors:

  • Ring Metals: 

The type of metal plays a significant role in determining how much it will cost to resize the ring. 

Sterling silver and yellow Gold metals are easy to cut or reshape. Hence, resizing your sterling silver and yellow gold rings won’t cost much. 

On the contrary, resizing a white gold ring will cost a fortune as it requires perfect refinishing and reapplication of rhodium plating. 

Titanium rings are the hardest and most delicate rings to resize; not many jewelers can resize them. Therefore, resizing them can be stressful and costly. 

Besides, cutting your titanium rings isn’t a great idea. You can deploy other resizing methods discussed later in the article. 

The same thing applies to Platinum and tungsten rings. They aren’t the simple type of rings you can resize easily. 

  • Ring Thickness

Thickness is another factor determining how much you need to resize your ring. 

A thicker ring band commands a higher resizing price. Similarly, you need more money to resize rings with a flat bottom or euro shank.  

  • Stones’ Numbers, Type, And Location 

Do you intend to resize a ring with different types of stones? You should be ready to pay more because stones increase the resizing cost. 

Stones make resizing more challenging because they will be moved and readjusted. So, jewelers often demand more money for their troubles. 

Likewise, the type of stones in the ring also contributes to the pricing. For instance, rearranging Diamond stones after resizing takes more time and expertise than many other gemstones. 

Nonetheless, regardless of the factors above, the costs of resizing a ring range from $10 to $60. 

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Jeweler To Resize Your Ring

  • Service Charge: 

Though many factors will influence the resizing costs, some jeweler’s charges are way too much. 

So, consider the service charges, and ensure you go for one that will deliver a great job at an affordable cost. 

  • Credentials: 

Resizing a ring isn’t a simple task someone can do perfectly without prior experience or knowledge. 

There are trained jewelers with impressive credentials like GG, RJ, CG, CSA, or CBJ. You may need to choose a jeweler with any of the certs if you want a perfect job. 

  • Customer’s Remark and endorsement: 

Some qualified jewelers deliver service without any certificate.

Hence, endeavor to check people’s remarks and endorsements about jewelers before hiring them. 

Meanwhile, you might consult the jewelry store where you purchased the ring for help. They might have a trusted low-cost jeweler. 

  1. Deploy Other Recommended Methods 

Unfortunately, not all rings can be resized. You can’t resize thin-band and eternity-band rings. 

It’s also ideal not to tamper with rings featuring multiple stones and strong metals like titanium and tungsten rings. 

Therefore, try the following methods if your ring is too hard to cut. 

  • Try A Ring Guard 

A ring guard is a rubber or plastic tube wrapped around the ring’s shank to make it more snug and tight. 

Place the ring guard at the underside of your finger so people won’t detect it easily. 

The interesting part of this option is that you can do it yourself. You don’t need a jeweler’s service to place a ring guard in the ring.

This method is only suitable for people whose finger is smaller than the ring. Meanwhile, a ring guard can only provide a short-term solution to the problem. 

  •  Use Sizing Beads

Here’s another available option if your ring is bigger than your finger, although you need a jeweler to get this done. 

The jeweler will add two small metal balls on the back part of the ring to reduce the size. The two bead-like balls will make the ring stay on your fingers for a long time by reducing the size. 

It is one of the cheapest ways to resize your ring without cutting it. Unfortunately, many people believe the sizing beads method isn’t the most comfortable option. 

According to comments from some wearers, rings featuring the balls are slightly uncomfortable. 

Your jeweler should provide one or two samples of the rings with sizing beads. Try it for a few minutes, and see if it’s convenient for you.  

  • Spring Insert

A spring insert is another simple way a jeweler can reduce close to one full ring size. 

This method involves creating a horseshoe-like shape strip of metal that lines the bottom 3/4 part of the ring. 

As the name implies, the metal will slightly open while wearing the ring to avoid difficulty with the knuckles. 

However, it will “spring” back to its initial position to ensure the ring remains firm and attractive on your finger. 

Though the spring insert is a bit complicated and expensive, it’s one of the most reliable and comfortable ways to reduce your ring size. 

  • Sizing Bar

Also known as a fold-over device, the sizing bar method is arguably the best option for those who hate squeezing their fingers while wearing their ring. 

This method involves soldering a U-shaped bar across the bottom of your ring, featuring a hinge on one side and a latch on the other. 

Open the latch while wearing the ring so you won’t stress your knuckles. Then, close the latch once the ring reaches the desired spot on your finger. 

The ring will remain in its spot if the latch is closed. Apart from its affordability, the fold-over method is effective, simple, and comfortable. 

The only downside to this method is that it is detectable. People can see it once they stare at your finger. 

Nonetheless, ask if your jeweler has a sample. Check it and see if that’s what you want. 

  • Stretching 

Though stretching the ring is one way to increase the ring size without cutting it, it isn’t compatible with many products. 

Stretching the ring might affect its shape, beauty, and lifespan in the long run. 

Don’t try this step without consulting a ring expert for advice or direction. 

  1. Gift It Out To Someone Special 

Is there a friend or relative who has been with you through thick and thin of life? Someone who supported you during tough times? 

If yes, then it’s time to repay them for being great pals. Giving your ring to such a person isn’t a bad idea as it’s one of the best ways to celebrate them. 

Such gestures will increase their love for you and strengthen the bond of friendship. 

However, don’t take this step if you are ready and willing to hire a jeweler to resize your ring. 

Final Thought 

As much as all the steps in this article are solutions to oversized or undersized rings, you don’t need them if you purchase the accurate ring size. 

Hence, you must know your ring size to avoid unnecessary expenses trying to fix issues.

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