Rings made from meteorites: How long can they last?

Whether for fashion or specific purposes like weddings, when you want to get a ring, there are varieties to try out. The typical ring materials are gold, silver, titanium, and platings like diamond coatings. 

But when choosing the right ring material, it does not matter what the purpose is for, but rather how durable it is.

The meteorite is another popular material used for rings. Even though it is not yet as popular as gold, silver, and diamond-plated rings, it is gaining enough recognition to give hope about its future popularity. 

If you are considering a meteorite ring and wondering how durable it is, the answer is, it is highly durable because it has lasted billions of years as a stone, so it will definitely last long as a ring. 

What matters right now is what the material is, if it is worth the recognition it is gaining, its durability, and other properties that make it unique. This article thus provides all of this information.

Know a bit more about Meteorites

Rocks from space that have come to Earth are known as meteorites. Sometimes a fragment from a larger celestial body, such as a planet, meteoroid, steroid, or asteroid, that is shattered during an impact makes its way to Earth. 

The phenomenon known as a shooting star is produced when these rocks come into contact with the Earth’s atmosphere. The object lands on Earth if it manages to survive the immense heat produced as it travels through the atmosphere.

In essence, meteorites are rocks from space that have fallen to Earth. Sometimes, after being shattered off during an impact, a piece of a larger celestial body, such as a planet or asteroid, makes its way to Earth. 

Even individual meteorites vary in composition; meteorites can be made of a wide variety of materials. Depending on the type of metal or stone present in the meteorite, crystalline patterns develop as it is heated and travels through the atmosphere. 

One reason that makes meteorite jewelry so alluring is how distinctive and extraordinary each piece is.

The durability of Meteorites

Given that meteorite rings were once part of the core of an extinct planet many billions of years ago, the jewelry is incredibly durable and robust. 

According to a study, a meteorite is composed mostly of metallic iron-nickel components, making it exceedingly hard and durable on its own. 

Meteorites also accommodate other types of materials used for making jewelry. They can even be combined with other materials to form a very strong and lasting piece of jewelry.

For instance, meteorites create a ring that can resist the test of time when inlaid into one made of tungsten, titanium, or another strong metal.

In essence, a ring made from a meteorite should last almost forever except for a few reasons discussed in the next section.

Why will your meteorite jewelry not last?

Well, there are just two reasons why your meteorite piece may not last: either it’s not even a piece of real meteorite jewelry, or lacks proper maintenance. Let’s discuss this a bit more.

Maybe a fake meteorite jewelry

If your piece of meteorite jewelry doesn’t last, it could mean that it’s not even real. So, how do you know if what you’ve got is the real piece?

There are a few indicators that a ring contains real meteorites. We have a detailed article that lists ways to know a real meteorite, so this section will summarize this(you can check the article for a detailed answer). 

Here are signs to help you go for a real meteorite:

  • The Widmanst├Ątten pattern. Each meteorite has a distinct Widmanst├Ątten pattern. While some people fake it, they often don’t look very well, and when the pattern is compared to a true meteorite ring, it is clear that it’s the fake one. 
  • The second method involves searching for inclusions. Because meteorites are natural objects, they can have inclusions. 
  • The third method is to see if a magnet will stick to it. Since real meteorites are primarily made of iron, magnets are drawn to them. 
  • Searching for rust is the fourth method. While your meteorite ring should ideally remain rust-free, if it ever occurs, this is another indication that it is a genuine meteorite.

Additionally, you should receive a certificate of authenticity when you buy a meteorite. Some reputable sellers will give you a certificate when you get your meteorite. Ask for it too.

Maybe it’s original but affected by corrosion

Corrosion may be a problem for you, depending on the sort of meteorite you have. Even meteorites known not to corrode too quickly can rust to some extent. 

Since rust is the main issue your meteorite piece can have, you can increase its durability by avoiding certain things. 

In another article, we discussed excessively on preventing rust in meteorites. However, here are some measures to avoid excessive rusting:

  • Avoid extended exposure to moisture. When doing the dishes or other household chores where your ring will be in contact with water for an extended period, it is better to remove it.
  • Remove your ring if you plan to swim in a pool or the ocean. The salt and chlorine might adversely affect the ring, which would hasten its rusting.
  • Avoid exposing your ring to harsh chemicals, such as body lotion, hairspray, or makeup.
  • You can wear your ring while working, doing sports, or in the garden.

But what if the meteorite piece has already started showing signs of rust? Not to worry, try these:

  • A toothbrush and regular toothpaste will do the work; brush the ring with them until the rust disappears. Check to see if all of the rust and filth have been removed after a thorough rinse. If not, try it again until you achieve the desired results.
  • Next, soak your ring in a little container filled with rubbing alcohol. As a result, the moisture on the ring dries. Take the ring out of the alcohol and let it dry on a piece of tissue or cloth after about ten minutes. Since the alcohol will naturally evaporate, you don’t need to wipe it off.
  • Finally, use some oil to seal the meteorite. You can use oil, such as gun oil or another comparable substance. You can put the ring in a tiny container and cover it with oil to coat it thoroughly. Once the ring is thoroughly covered, remove it from the oil and use a lint-free towel to wipe the oil off.

Other Ways to Make a Meteorite Ring Last Long

  1. Putting Etching on the Ring Again

The ring’s natural design will start to disappear over time. Take the ring to a reputable jeweler who is familiar with meteorite jewelry and ask them to repolish and etch the ring for you if you want to revive it. 

If you’ve bought the ring from the same dealer, you have a chance of getting the service for free.

  1. Use of Renaissance Wax Coating

The British Museum created this coating to save its rare and distinctive artifacts – meteorites. Without changing the appearance or texture of the original material, it penetrates the metal’s surface to form a barrier that guards against oxidation. 

Renaissance Wax does not age, stain, or change color like other waxes. When Renaissance Wax protects the meteorite, you might notice that the piece will initially appear lighter in color. 

This is because the oxide layer created when etching the ring is not sealed in by the wax and will gradually fade with use. 

Since the metal has been wax-treated, the distinctive meteorite pattern will not be altered. The Renaissance Wax is comparable to an oiled or waxed wooden table in that it doesn’t significantly alter the feel of the wood but makes it less prone to harm.


A meteorite is a unique metal with a sleek, contemporary appearance. Additionally, it is inexpensive and incredibly durable. 

The biggest drawback of rings made from meteorites is that they are susceptible to rust; but with appropriate care, they can last a lifetime. 

Meteorites are a perfect material to use as a symbol of love. You can even customize your piece to a design of your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there seams in meteorites?

Metal strips are laid flat to provide the basis of meteorite inlays. Afterward, they are wrapped around the band’s outside and sewn together.

Can I get a meteorite band wet?

We advise taking off your meteorite jewelry before engaging in any activity that could cause rust or severely burnish the metal, such as swimming, weightlifting, gardening, rock climbing, etc., to keep it looking wonderful. Before coming into touch with chemicals and cleaning agents, rings should be taken off.

Do meteorites break easily?

They are not especially hard because meteorites lack quartz, the hardest material found in nature. With a hammer, a typical chondrite is easily broken. This is why to prevent denting and scratching, wearers should be careful not to strike their rings with hard objects.

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